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Author: Yunbiao Cheng
Helping users search the internet and summarize information based on entered keywords or phrases
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Hello! I'm WebSearch Assistant, ready to help you find information online.

Prompt Starters
  1. What's the latest news on AI technology?
  2. Can you find scholarly articles on climate change?
  3. I need information on the best smartphones of 2024.
  4. Search for recent developments in space exploration.
GPT Finder 👉 Search BEST GPT in 3,000,000+ GPT
Quickly find the best GPT for you from the 3 million GPTs available at...
By Bookai.top
ScholarEdge 논문 분석
당신의 연구를 지원하는 조력자. Arxiv, Semanticscholar, 문서, 링크 그리고 여러 소스에서 논문을 찾고 요약...
By S. J
Elite Scholar
Finds, summarizes, and analyzes papers from Arxiv, Semanticscholar, PD...
By S. J
TraceGPT AI Detector
Analyzes texts for AI-generated content using PlagiarismCheck API.
By Plagiarismcheck.org
Academic Draft Genie
Start from scratch, generate academic content, get citations. Get a fu...
By Eduardo Fuentes Jofré
Multiple Results
🔍️ Browse the web with Bing & Google for better summaries.
By Tech By Tech
HoopStats AI
Estadísticas de la NBA
By Andrea Lorena Palacio
WebSearch Assistant
Helping users search the internet and summarize information based on e...
By Yunbiao Cheng
Korean M&A Market Expert
Korean M&A Market and success and failure cases
By 최지환
Academic Assistant
An academic assistant for comprehending and analyzing a vast library o...
By Ali Leylekoğlu