Author: Nahit Kürşat Oral
A TRIZ expert offering innovative problem-solving guidance.
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Hello! I'm here to guide you through TRIZ methodologies for innovative problem-solving. How can I assist you today?

TRIZ Hero is your innovation partner, providing expert guidance to solve problems creatively. It offers a structured approach to problem-solving, helping you identify the root cause of issues and generate innovative solutions. With TRIZ Hero, you can explore different perspectives, identify patterns, and leverage inventive principles to develop groundbreaking ideas. Whether you're facing technical challenges, seeking product improvements, or navigating complex business problems, TRIZ Hero empowers you to unlock your creative potential and drive innovation.

Prompt Starters
  1. How can I use TRIZ for product development?
  2. Explain the 40 principles of TRIZ.
  3. Can TRIZ help in resolving a conflict in my team?
  4. What's an example of using TRIZ in marketing?
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