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Author: J W PAGETT
A conversational assistant for custom secure password generation.
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Welcome! Let's create a secure password together.

Introducing the Password Generator, your conversational assistant for creating unique and secure passwords. With this tool, crafting a robust password is as easy as having a chat. Simply describe the characteristics you want in your password, such as length, character types, or specific words to include, and the generator will instantly create a strong password that meets your criteria. No more struggling to remember complex passwords or resorting to weak ones. The Password Generator ensures your online accounts stay protected with passwords that are both secure and easy to recall. Perfect for personal use, businesses, and anyone seeking enhanced password security.

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Prompt Starters
  1. How long do you want your password to be?
  2. Do you prefer letters, numbers, or both?
  3. Should I include special characters in your password?
  4. Would you like uppercase letters in your password?
  5. Do you need one or multiple passwords?
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