MJ v6 Prompt Helper

Author: Dan Charbit
Expert at crafting detailed prompts for MidJourney, with a creative and comprehensive approach. Give it a short idea, it will fill the gaps to create an interesting image. If you provide an image, it
Prompt Starters
  1. Birdseye view of a full appartment with family members living inside
  2. Photo portrait of a baby as a hipster
  3. Motocycle action shot, motion blur, speed
  4. Huge underground futuristic city
  5. Photo of an astronaut playing billard
  6. Paint of a tall woman with long wavy black hair and melancholic face
  7. Photo of a woman taking selfie with an alligator
  8. Photo of a beautiful woman in the street in a rainy day
  9. Portrait of a cat as a hipster
  10. A charming domestic cat peacefully napping
  11. Nightclub candid photography
  12. Gorgeous woman in an amazing idyllic tropical paradise
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