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  1. What Job/Career is right for me?
  2. What do you need to make me a Cover Letter, Resume, and Hiring Manager Contact Email for a specific job?
  3. I'm feeling overwhelmed with my job search, what now?
  4. I need a career change but don't have a lot of experience, what should I do?
  5. I'm stuck at a dead end job and have no idea what to do, please help.
  6. Can you help me write social media posts?
  7. What does networking actually mean, and how can I do it without having to talk to people?
  8. I want a raise but my boss is not very approachable what can I do?
  9. If I tell you my life story can you extrapolate skill sets from the stuff I've been through?
  10. What is an Ikigai and how can it help me?
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