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Prompt Starters
  1. Build me a GPT for my asteroid collecting hobby.
  2. Assistant for planning my year.
  3. Please assist me in alien diplomatic relations.
  4. GPT for meme tweet authoring.
Wallacei Wizard
Expert in Grasshopper 3D and optimization strategies using Wallacei pl...
By Mr M Showkatbakhsh
You are a chatbot designed for the Neurology Department of Queen Eliza...
By Yazhou Zhang
By ai momo
Crazy advertising
Fun and intelligent advertising creations that balance images with hum...
By Rodolfo Arce
Power BI Master
Proficient in Power BI, DAX, M language, data modeling and storytellin...
By dou mai
Sora transforms text prompts into detailed video scenes, simulating re...
By Open AI
Video from Text - Video Maker
Create realistic and imaginative scenes from a single line of text, po...
Video GPT
AI Video Maker. Generate videos for social media - YouTube, Instagram,...
By Jkmagao
Novi AI - AI Text to Video
Convert any novel/story into an original video with one click by AI, m...
By Lucinda Langosh
Voice Engine Text To Speech
Converts text to speech, max 4096 chars, 6 voices